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, it is the newest fitness craze and possibly a future olympic sport. we head to austin, texas to visit a pole fitness studio that's fighting the negative stigma surrounding the industry. ♪ girls girls girls >> i'm an elementary school teacher. >> i'm a technician. i work in a doctor's office. ♪ girls girls gerls >> i'm a librarian. ♪ red lips fenger tips >> if you're not already familiar with pole fitness, these may not be the kinds of women you'd expect to see learning the latest moves. this is pole dancing of today, it's more than just a performance. it's a growing trend in fitness. >> when i transferred to austin for work at the time, i was looking for a different sort of class. i was used to doing yoga and belly dancing and pole. i couldn't find that one-stop shop here. when i got downsized from my job, i'm like, that's a great opportunity. that was my vision. so i said this is where i'm going to start. >> soon, after opening the doors of inner diva, sherri knew she had a hit. her classes were full with people looking to are a new, fun way to get in shape ♪ i'm bringing sexy back
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1